Texan’s Cruise Ship Accident and Injury Attorney

Many of our  Texas friends and family use the summer months to take a vacation by way of a cruise ship which may depart from Florida, Galveston, and Seattle.  These ships are so large that they operate like little cities!  Most vacations are fun and go fine.   But sometimes preventable injuries or even death can occur on a cruise ship.  Employee distractions are often a reason for a preventable injury or accident. Most people are surprised to find out that the time limits on a cruise ship injury are only one year!  If you live in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, South Texas, Laredo and Austin, and you would like us to help you evaluate your cruise ship injury, please call me and set up a free initial consultation to go over your case facts and see what options you have available.

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About the Author

Rudy Vasquez is a trial attorney living in San Antonio, Texas. He has been certified and recertified as a personal injury and accident attorney four times by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He investigates, pursues insurance claims of all type on behalf of consumers and injured clients.