In Texas, a divorce can take anywhere from 61 days to two years depending on the specific family issues that are involved. When a divorce is filed, the court requires a cooling off period because sometimes people reconcile within the first 60 days. During the time between filing for divorce and the signing of a decree of divorce by the judge, there are only very basic orders in place regarding the protection of the family, property or assets, child support, alimony, or child visitation. There may be a lot of issues that will need to be decided upon if there are disputes regarding any of those issues.

You should ask your attorney whether or not filing for temporary orders is something that would help your situation immediately or resolve the disputed issues faster. A temporary order is a process where the judge has a hearing to determine whether or not an order should be entered during and until the final issues are resolved through the lawyers, or by mediation or a trial. If there is no agreed term regarding the divorce, child issues, child visitation, child support and property division, then the judge will make a final decision for the parties. Ultimately, the length of time of the divorce process will depend on the specific details of your case, which is why it is important to go over all of the issues with an attorney at the beginning of the case.

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