Auto Accidents

When people have been involved in an accident and they come meet with us or talk to us the first time regarding their accident or wreck they generally believe the myth that the insurance company for the at fault party that caused the wreck has a duty to treat them fairly. That may have been the case in the past but times have certainly changed.

It is common practice not only in Texas but throughout the country for insurance companies to delay or deny any claims that are made. Many States No Longer regulate or penalize insurance companies engaged in unfair practices pertaining to the investigation, evaluation or payment of valid injury claims.

Insurance executives or adjusters often strive to save money for their company by denying or minimizing a legitimate injury claim at the expense of an accident victim. It’s common knowledge throughout the insurance business how insurance adjusters are out to either disprove, deny or delay a claim. In the state of Texas, insurance companies engaged in bad faith practice face little to no consequences for their actions.

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