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Fiesta time is certain to bring outlaw enforcement looking for drunk drivers.

If you are going to go to Fiesta events and drink alcohol and then drive, please drink plenty of water, limit your drinking, and have options available in case it is not safe for you to drive. Have Uber or Lyft phone numbers in your cell phone, go with a friend who does not drink or drinks only one beverage. Sleep it off in your car if you have to, but please do not drive. Being drunk and driving is illegal. If you are stopped for suspected drunk driving you need to know that even if you pass a breath test, you can still be arrested. It has happened in the past and it will happen again. Also, if the police officer tells you if you blow and you pass, he will let you go, it is not necessarily true. If you feel you were not drunk, here are some tips to look for or go over with your attorney: is there some other possible cause than drinking alcohol that could give you false signs of intoxication? Such as allergies can cause red blood shot and watery eyes. Discuss this with your Bexar County, TX Criminal Lawyer if you are facing a drunk driving charge. Some medications can make you look drowsy, some illnesses can come on suddenly such as high or low blood pressure drop, dizziness, sometimes, hitting a curb can cause a car to swerve. A good and experienced Comal County, TX Criminal Lawyer will take all these points into consideration. These are all things that could lead a police officer to stop you and assume you were drunk driving even though you are not drunk. If you used a credit card to record you only bought one or two drinks then get those receipts to prove you did not over drink alcohol. Make sure you give all the proof to your Criminal Law Attorney in Webb County, TX who can then work on the defense plan. If it happens that you are arrested, remember that the officer may have a video camera on his person and most likely will have a camera on you if you are placed in the back of the police car. It will record anything and everything you say and how you say it. Many officers will talk to you in an effort to get you to implicate yourself and prove your guilty. You do not have to answer any questions the police officer asks you, other than your name. You should be respectful, but always state that you refuse to answer or do any test (which are not valid tests) and that you are represented by me. I have been practicing as an Atascosa County, Criminal Lawyer for many years now. Finally, remember if you do get arrested, do not panic, please contact me immediately and you will get through the process and be released as quickly as possible.

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