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With Fiesta in April, summer is right around the corner. People who have minor children and separated or have gone through a divorce know that visitation changes during the summer when kids are out of school. Some of our clients and their exes work it out without a fight, this is called “mutual agreement.” I would rather have this happen that you have to hire an attorney. However, some couples are not able to resolve such matters through mutual agreement, and hence they use the services of a Family Law Attorney in San Antonio, TX.

When it cannot be worked out, you have to resort to the visitation rules and times written out in the decree of divorce. Make sure you discuss such points with a Comal County, TX Family Law Lawyer. The person who has visitation rights must give WRITTEN notice 14 days in advance…and it must be for a time on or after April 16 of each year. You do that, and the law, as stated in the regular decree entitles you to 30 days, but not more than two separate periods. You will still have to pay any court ordered child support during your periods of possession. If you need to enforce those rules of visitation or you need to make sure the person in custody is not endangering your child, and you want to take it to court, call me. As an experienced Family Law Attorney in Webb County, TX, I will help you at every step of the way. I have many years of experience working as an Atascosa County, Family Law Lawyer. Call my office at (210) 225-2828 for a Free Consultation.

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