Criminal Defense

As a San Antonio lawyer practicing criminal law, nothing feels better than to get a criminal case or criminal charge dismissed for an innocent person. It is not representing the truly guilty that worries me, it is representing the truly innocent or those who have been overcharged of a crime when the police or district attorney have their information wrong or are not being fair.
The Law Offices of Rudy Vasquez takes pride in representing those facing a criminal charge in San Antonio, Texas. Call us today at (210) 225-2828 to speak with our San Antonio, TX criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case. Our qualified Texas criminal defense attorney will take all the steps to have the criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

Getting a case dismissed on a San Antonio DWI, a San Antonio Criminal Drug Possession, a false claim of family violence or assault or a false claim of sexual assault are the highest form of compliment and the result of hard work.

At the The Law Offices of Rudy Vasquez we work with each client to look at all angles of a case and form defenses based upon honest investigation, and looking into all options available to the client. Call us today at (210) 225-2828 for a Free Case Evaluation.

Criminal Defense

Along the way we work with the client to present the client’s case in a way, that is positive to the client’s truth and tell the client’s side of the story. Sometimes, a prescribed medication, a head injury, or medical issues needs to be investigated, sometimes officers make mistakes or are biased or even prejudiced. If we take your case, we have investigators, ex-police and law enforcement, photographers and medical personnel who can help us look into the facts to present your side and defend your case to the best of our ability. We also have the finances to put a case defense using experts and former prosecutors.

In some cases we can take a retainer and then put you on a payment plan if you have financial problems. Discuss your case with our San Antonio, TX criminal defense lawyer to talk about your options.

So if you are facing a criminal case and need a criminal lawyer in or around San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, call me at (210) 225-2828 for a Free Case Evaluation.

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