How Soon Should I Seek Medical Care After An Accident?

Many people want to feel fine or shake off an injury after a wreck and it’s normal. Nobody wants to be hurt and it’s the last thing you really want when you’re in a car wreck. Many people who are in car wrecks or accidents need to see a doctor and do not and regret it later. Sometimes the pain or limitations from a car wreck may continue or worsen. If you’re initially feeling fine, just monitor yourself and wait a day or two. If you start to feel pain that you think is more than usual then it’s a good time to either seek out medical care from a licensed medical provider who is experienced and who is willing to treat you for an auto injury or seek an attorney who can help you find proper medical care you need to evaluate you and see whether more is needed or whether it’s something that can be resolved in a few days. Some injuries can be proven to be related to a car wreck and some are more difficult and require more testing or evaluation.

There are a lot of reasons for that difficulty; some due to current medical capabilities and some are based upon our unique health conditions, things such as age can make it difficult. For example, sometimes older people will injure more easily than younger people especially in spinal injuries. Sometimes it’s actually the position of your body inside the car at the time of the force of the impact, including whether you’re a driver or a passenger. Sometimes it’s the make and model of your car, or the way the seat is designed, or whether the airbags even were supposed to operate or not. Only doctors and clinics who are patient-oriented and have the medical experience in evaluating and documenting and diagnosing these types of auto wreck injuries should be sought out.

Many doctors are afraid of offending the insurance companies or intimidated, or the doctor or clinics just don’t want to fight it out with the insurance companies. They have been through auto wrecks before and they understand how insurance companies like to delay and deny payment of their bill and the medical treatment of their patients. It’s important that you get with a good experienced attorney who knows which medical clinics and which doctors are willing to help people injured in auto or car wrecks. This is whether you have health insurance or you don’t have health insurance an experienced medical provider who deals with auto wreck injuries is crucial. Further, many health insurance companies will not allow you to treat under your health plan if you are in an accident with another driver who has auto liability insurance coverage because they want you to use the other person’s insurance and not have your own health insurance carrier be responsible to pay the bills.

Some people do not have any form of health insurance and so that’s another reason it’s important that you get with an experienced personal injury attorney because there are clinics who will provide treatment to you and accept payment upon settlement of your claim by the at-fault driver because the medical provider realizes that you do not have the health insurance to cover your immediate medical needs caused by the negligent driver. Sometimes there are instances where you can wait too long to seek out medical treatment for a wreck related injury for an insurance company to accept your claim that symptoms are related to a car wreck, especially if they’re the insurance company who is making the decision whether to pay or not pay for your medical care.

In some cases, a week, ten days, a month delay can result in an insurance company denial even if you are hurt and were waiting to see if the pain would resolve without any medical treatment. However, there are some wreck injuries which occur such that if you have them they don’t go away, for example, a herniated disc. If you suffer a herniated disc in your car accident or wreck, it’s present from the force of the impact as of the day of your wreck accident as opposed to a strain or sprain. If you wait many months after a straight or sprain, the insurance company may refuse to pay on the claim once you make the decision to go and actually get treatment or rehabilitation or therapy for the strain or sprain.

A herniated disc is present and does not “go away” whether you get immediate treatment or not, so long as it can be verified by a experienced medical professional Only an attorney experienced in these kinds of injuries and insurance claims can provide you advice particular to your injury or your wreck or accident to tell you on how to best proceed or on how to handle your injury. Most attorneys who do this for a living and are experienced, and like our law firm, don’t charge anything for an initial consultation or meeting. You have nothing to lose by going over the information about your injuries or the car wreck with the attorney including our office.

What Factors Can Cause My Auto Accident Claim To Be Litigated?

Nobody who routinely represents injured people likes when a case has to go into a lawsuit. There are many reasons why a case goes from a possible settlement to a lawsuit. Sometimes the insurance company who insures the other driver is just not being reasonable. Different insurance companies have different rules about how they handle their auto insurance claims. Adjusters can sometimes change, and even a different adjuster looking at your claim can be good or bad for settling your case without a lawsuit. Sometimes there is a real dispute about who’s at fault. Sometimes there is a question about what injuries are related to a wreck and what conditions or symptoms are related to something else other than the wreck. These are things that can cause a case go into a lawsuit.

However, the good news is that most cases are settled and sometimes it only takes a filing of a lawsuit for the insurance companies to know that your attorney is serious and willing to work on your case for the insurance company to offer enough so that you can settle your claim and get your money now instead of later. Oftentimes, an insurance company just doesn’t want to play fair and for that reason a lawsuit is filed. Once in a while on rare occasions a client has gotten some wrong or bad advice about the value of their case from either somebody who doesn’t know about personal injury and auto insurance cases or they themselves have overestimated the value of their case, but that is rare.

This is why an experienced attorney in personal injury cases should be able to go over all the important considerations about your case. He or she can plan out a goal to try and do everything to put your case in the best position possible so that your case is presented in the best light so you don’t have to have your case go through a lawsuit in order to get the compensation you deserve through a settlement with the auto insurance company, but if you do an experienced personal injury attorney can represent you and do the best job for you because they have the competence and experience to handle this type of claim.

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