Texan’s Cruise Ship Accident and Injury Attorney

Many of our  Texas friends and family use the summer months to take a vacation by way of a cruise ship which may depart from Florida, Galveston, and Seattle.  These ships are so large that they operate like little cities!  Most vacations are fun and go fine.   But sometimes preventable injuries or even death can occur on a cruise ship.  Employee distractions are often a reason for a preventable injury or accident. Most people are surprised… Read More →

Some Insurance Companies Do Not Tell The Truth
Amusement Park Injuries
Medical Malpractice
Fighting Insurance Companies

With the heat summer here and the 4th of July upon us, many people will be outside celebrating the holiday as well as this summer. Please be vigilant if any children are nearby and around where fireworks are a part of the outdoor celebration. Everyone should know that fireworks are dangerous and children as well as adults are drawn to the lights, the fire and the sound of the fireworks such as firecrackers, exploding fireworks… Read More →

Common Defense Strategies In A Criminal Case

For people facing criminal charges, the stakes are as high as they can get because their liberty is at stake, along with their standing in the social and professional community. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can evaluate the circumstances involving a criminal case and find critical mistakes made by law enforcement to help improve the defendant’s chance at putting up a successful defense. Legal counsel reviews the facts involved in the case and assesses whether… Read More →