What Can I Expect To Happen Once A Personal Injury Claim Is Filed?

Most personal injury cases in Texas begin when the insurance company for the driver at-fault becomes aware that there may be an insurance claim for property damage or injuries. This notification may come from the driver at-fault, an injured party, a car or truck repair shop, an attorney, or even a witness. After the insurance company finds out about the possibility of the necessity to cover an insurance claim, an insurance adjuster will be assigned. Most insurance companies assign separate adjusters to handle the property damage claim and to handle the personal injury claim.

First, the claims adjusters will look to see whether the insurance coverage was in force or valid. If the car or truck or other vehicle involved in the wreck is covered under a valid policy of insurance, then the insurance company will assign an insurance claim identification number and the insurance adjuster should begin the process to evaluate the facts that lead to the car or truck crash as well as the auto repairs and injuries.

What Information Or Evidence Does My Attorney Need To Review Before Filing A Claim?

Every personal injury case is different and so is the information that a personal injury attorney may need to consider before pursuing or filing an insurance claim. Generally speaking, a competent personal injury attorney should first take the time to confirm that there has been a wreck or accident, in which it can be proven which was caused by the negligence or carelessness of a person or a company other than the individual who wishes to bring forth the claim for the losses caused by the wreck. Next, an attorney should evaluate the extent of harms, or injuries which were caused in the wreck. The process should include things such as evaluating that there was a valid mental or physical harm or loss caused to the victim, which was caused by the negligent party. It is also important for an attorney to check or verify to see if there exists a valid policy of insurance contract, in which the insurance company has an obligation to compensate persons for accidents, loss, injuries, or wrongful death.

If the party responsible for the wreck is uninsured or underinsured, then the personal injury attorney should investigate whether the injured client has uninsured motorists benefits to cover accidents and wrecks caused by people who drive without adequate auto liability insurance. In some instances, there may be sufficient personal or business assets that may be considered by a court to be subject to a court order for payment in satisfaction of the harms and losses that were caused. In Texas, most primary homes, where one permanently lives and resides, are protected from lawsuits under the Texas homestead laws. People who are injured by uninsured irresponsible drivers are often left with very few legal options if they are not covered by a valid policy of uninsured motorist insurance coverage. In San Antonio, Texas, there are many people who drive cars without any insurance. The same can be said in Laredo, Corpus Christi, and the rest of South Texas. Many drivers do not pay for auto liability insurance. That is why it is important that when you buy your own auto liability insurance you do your best to budget to pay for uninsured motorist coverage to be added to your own auto policy.

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