Does Having An Attorney Involved Tend To Make Insurance Companies Valuate A Claim Differently?

It is extremely likely that your personal injury case will be evaluated differently if you are represented by an experienced attorney, as opposed to trying to handle it yourself. The insurance adjuster’s duty is to the insurance company and he is trained by the insurance company to be a hard negotiator. Adjusters are not required to tell you anything that may help you resolve your claim. When you have an experienced personal injury attorney with a great reputation for competence, the insurance company will know that the attorney will represent you to the best of his or her ability and that your claim may not fall for lowball offers or negotiations that are not based upon the actual facts or the law that applies to the case. Often, over an established period of time, a personal injury attorney gains experience, credibility, and a strong reputation. The insurance companies, especially those companies handling auto and truck accidents, slip and fall injuries, homeowner insurance injury claims and work and on the job injuries, come to recognize and know which attorneys in your area take cases seriously and competently and which do not. In many cases, the insurance companies will offer more money to an experienced and recognized attorney compared to an attorney who may not have real actual experience in handling a personal injury case. The best injury attorneys for car accidents, truck wrecks, slip and fall injuries, dog bite and dog attack injuries and injuries on the job are those who know how to take your case from the beginning stages to the end stage of settlement or jury trial if necessary to fight for your rights. I have been doing this for my clients for over 31 years and I feel truly blessed and honored when my former clients place their trust in me and my law firm by returning to us or my past clients send their friends or family to me.

Does The Threat Of Going To Trial Enhance The Likelihood Of a Larger Settlement?

While the threat of going to trial was once enough thought to increase the likelihood of a fair settlement, this may no longer be valid. It is now allowed and customary for many insurance companies to hire licensed attorneys as employees of the insurance company on a fixed salary. In the past, the government felt that it was a conflict of interest for the attorney assigned to legally represent the best interests of the driver or company at fault to also owe a duty to the insurance company to protect the insurance company from covering insurance claims and possible creating defenses to coverage or payment by the insurance company on behalf of the person who paid for the insurance policy. Consequently, because of this change in the law, the insurance company can load the assigned defense attorney with many auto or injury cases on a flat money fee and avoid the risk of having exposure to a large defense attorney bill to defend the injury or wrongful death claim. The attorney assigned to handling your personal injury case owes you a duty to evaluate whether or not a settlement is in your best interest. This rule applies to both sides of a dispute or injury case.

How Do Your Trial And Negotiation Skills Play Into How An Insurance Company Evaluates A Case?

In most cases, a competent and experienced personal injury attorney can make a big difference in the value range that an insurance company may put on an injury or wrongful death claim. At least, this is what I have found handling injury and wrongful death insurance claims in San Antonio, Laredo, Corpus Christi, and the Rio Grande South Texas Valley. The laws in dealing with personal injury and accident cases are constantly changing and an experienced attorney will, by necessity, keep on top of any important changes that can affect the negotiation and value of your case. In addition, insurance company practices are continually changing from insurance company to insurance company. In-house insurance policies and company rules can change monthly in a large insurance company. What is important to an insurance company in January, may not be important in December. A quality and competent personal injury attorney will know which insurance companies have changed their insurance policies and negotiation tactics so that when they negotiate with the particular insurance company handling your case, they will be able to give you the best advice possible at that particular time.

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