What Are Defenses That Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Out On Claims?

Insurance companies almost always look for ways to avoid paying valid insurance claims or avoid paying the full value of the loss or harm that should be covered by the insurance policy. The first way that an insurance company may try to avoid payment is to try to get out of honoring the insurance policy itself. They can avoid honoring the insurance policy if they can prove that the person who caused the car accident, truck wreck, slip and fall injury, dog bite or homeowner claim is not a covered person under the policy of insurance. They also try and turn on their own customers by taking the position that their own insured person is not cooperating with the insurance company in evaluating or defending against the injury claim. If the insurance company cannot deny the validity of the insurance policy or the coverage of the injury or damage claim, then some insurance companies frequently look for ways to delay payment of valid claims.

One goal of some insurance companies in delaying payment of valid claims is in the hope that they can discourage people from making valid claims now and in the future. Additionally, many times, some insurance companies may avoid paying injury cases and claims by delaying and then finally paying less than the full value of the losses or the harms, in hopes that the party will give up and settle for less than full value. Even with valid insurance injury claims with proper documentation of the value of harms and losses, insurance adjusters try to intimidate lay people who attempt to present a claim without an attorney, in order to get the layperson to accept less than the full value of their losses. So I have seen some people who have ultimately messed up their injury claim by going forward and dealing with an insurance company without an attorney in an attempt to get more of the payout from the insurance company by the idea of saving on attorney’s fees. It is possible for one to try and do this and succeed, but it is rare in today’s insurance market.

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