How Long Does It Take To Receive Funds After A Settlement Is Reached?

In many personal injury settlements, once a client approves a money settlement in a personal injury case, the money comes to the client fairly quickly often in one month or less. However, before an insurance company will send or deliver a settlement check to the client’s personal injury attorney, the insurance company may conduct their own investigation into the injury client to see or ensure that there are no government or medical liens that can hold up or complicate payment in the case. In addition, once a settlement amount is agreed upon by the client, the attorney may negotiate deductions or discounts in consideration for early payment to the medical providers in order to put more money in the client’s pocket. This process of negotiating medical bill reductions may also delay payment of the final money amount to the client. Most injury clients are willing to wait for the medical providers to approve discounts for early payment if it results in more money in their pocket. In the end, in order to make sure the client is fully paid the maximum amount, the attorney needs to take the time to itemize all case expenses, confirm any medical charges or liens, and confirm all open and unpaid medical expenses related to the case.

What Are Some Helpful Tips For Potential Clients In A Personal Injury Case?

First, it is important to realize that the insurance company that you believe is responsible for paying your injury claim is not on your side. Many clients tell me that they believe the insurance company is required to evaluate and pay valid claims fairly. So tip number one is that insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart and have no legal obligation to treat you fairly or honestly. Another tip is that if you have a witness or a piece of evidence that will help explain your personal injury claim in your favor, be sure to safeguard the information and present it to your attorney as soon as possible. In this regard, always try and document an accident, wreck or crash with photos or video if possible. Third, find people who are experienced in documenting any injuries or losses that result from the injury case and use people who are properly qualified to state what the cost of repair will be or the medical charges, or the full costs of the losses and harms will be, now and in the future. For example, this could be using an experienced car body shop or a former insurance adjuster to document car damages, etc. For personal bodily injuries, seek qualified therapists, doctors and other medical staff who are patient-friendly and not scared or intimidated by insurance companies. Never go to a company doctor to document your pain, limitations or injuries to such doctors who make most of their money by working for insurance companies or employers to say that you are not hurt.

Another tip, you should also know that insurance companies will investigate your much of the injured person’s background and may attempt to use anything they can against the injured person or personal injury claim. Should you have an accident or an injury where you have to present a personal injury claim to an insurance company, it is best to stay away from posting on social media and try not to allow anyone to post any photographs of you that may be taken out of context. This includes injury cases that result from a car accident, truck wreck, slip and fall due to a dangerous condition, a work injury or a wrongful death or dangerous product injury case. On a related note, if you are injured and have to work, and you are experiencing painful limitations to movement, make sure your doctor and your attorney know how you are handling your limitations at work, so your pain and physical limitations can be properly documented.

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