Are Medical Bills Always Paid In Full In A Personal Injury Settlement?

If you have a personal injury claim and settlement, medical bills may or may not be paid in full on a case by case basis. One reason for this is if the case value of the personal injury claim is weak or has issues of proof, a smaller settlement amount may be the best option for the injured person and the medical provider who issued the bill. A case value can be lower than the medical bills when there is trouble proving the complete fault of the other driver in an auto or truck crash. The same rule goes for slip and fall injury cases, homeowner’s insurance injury claims, slip and fall injuries, and work and construction site injuries. A case value may also be lower than the medical bills when there is trouble proving all the medical care and treatments are directly related to an accident, car wreck, truck wreck, or slip and fall. On occasion, should a case be presented to a jury and the jury award is less than the medical bills, this will result in less than full payment. Juries are unpredictable especially for a car wreck, truck wrecks, slip and fall injury cases and construction and worksite accidents and injuries in San Antonio, Laredo, and South Texas areas.

Will A Settlement Typically Include Medical Bills Already Paid As Well As Future Medical Expenses?

The insurance company that is handling your personal injury claim for the driver at fault is responsible to consider all medical bills that are caused by the accident. This includes not only medical bills for the treatment you received before a settlement but also future medical bills that are caused by the injury. An experienced attorney who knows how to handle personal injury cases from beginning to end will be able to get you to the best patient-oriented medical doctors and clinics that can help explain your injuries and the need for any future medical treatment so that your settlement will take that information into account. On the more serious and grave injury and death cases I have worked on, I have had to hire medical experts not only in treatment but in future medical expenses in cases from San Antonio to all the way down to Laredo, Corpus Christi, and the South Texas Valley including McAllen, Texas, and Brownsville, Texas.

Should Someone Pay Medical Bills As They Come In Or Should They Wait For A Personal Injury Settlement?

If you have a good credit rating, and you want to try and maintain it you may want to protect your credit rating by paying any bills before they reach collections. This can be difficult in some personal injury cases because the medical bills may be expensive and the injured person may be out of work and unable to earn income. It is unfair, but the truth is that most insurance companies for irresponsible or distracted drivers will not pay out or advance reimbursement or payment for medical expenses while the case is progressing thru the medical treatment. In some cases when the claim is ready to be settled or resolved, some medical bills may be negotiated or discounted, depending on the final outcome of the amount of the claim, and this process of medical bill reductions may be attempted before the final acceptance of the settlement. In some situations, medical providers may want to know how much will be available to pay all the outstanding bills and on a case by case basis may be willing to accept less than the full amount, in order to receive payment quicker and without the risk of a trial, even if the full value of their medical services is worth more than what they are willing to accept.

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