What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Does Your Firm Handle In Texas?

We’ve been handling personal injury cases in San Antonio and throughout Texas, for over 30 years, so I have the legal experience to be able to help clients with many different type of injuries and injury cases. I have helped quite a lot of people involved car wrecks and truck wrecks from small one car accidents to big trucking wrecks. We just finished representing an 18-wheeler truck driver who got hit by another 18-wheeler truck whose driver and insurance company did not take responsibility until after I was asked by another attorney to get involved and help his client. That case resulted in a large confidential settlement. I feel honored to have clients call me when a car or truck wreck involves the wrongful death of a loved one, because I feel great gratitude that they place their trust in me and our office with one of the most confusing, devastating, emotional yet pressing events in their life at that time. Over the years, I have worked on several defective tire blow out cases involving injury and death as well as roof crush car defect cases which were also settled for a confidential amount. Currently, we are suing an insurance company for a client paid for a policy of uninsured motorist benefits for many years and now she makes a claim that is being denied. We have fought an insurance company who denied paying death benefits husband’s life insurance policy. All of our office staff has experience in any type of negligence or insurance claim accident where there are injuries involved and require everything from investigation, to proving medical injuries and dealing with insurance companies or trial. If necessary, a case may go to trial if the responsible party’s insurance company is not being fair, and I have the trial experience to present a client’s case in trial. We also help people with work injuries who get hurt on the job and the company does not carry Texas Worker’s Compensation.

We get several people who get hurt due to back injuries, falls, or cuts due to unsafe work areas. Several of our cases have involved construction accidents where a subcontractor is hurt due to another subcontractor failing to make the work safe or general contractors who do not properly hire safe subcontractors. For example, we have helped a worker that was seriously hurt because another subcontractor on that jobsite failed to mark off a construction area by using warning tape that was required for safety reasons. Lately, there has been a lot of oil field work being done in South Texas, so we do get requests to represent people who have been hurt in the oil field. We also have help people who are hurt due to a slip and fall injury due to an unsafe property in retail stores or malls, or grocery stores, including badly designed stairs, burn injuries, parking lot holes falls and hidden wires that are tripping hazards. We review medical malpractice or medical negligence cases involving hospitals, nursing homes, and failing to diagnose conditions such as cancer in time to treat it properly. We currently have a case involving a person who received a defective hip replacement as well as a hernia mesh case. In South Texas, we have a real problem in that there are quite a few vicious large dogs that run loose both in San Antonio and outside of the city limits, despite there being leash requirements, a lot of people get attacked by vicious dogs so we have handled cases involving children and the elderly. These are called homeowner insurance cases. Thankfully, most of these cases we can settle for our clients without going to trial.

What Is A Personal Injury Claim? How Does It Differ From A Personal Injury Suit?

A personal injury claim is any type of claim for damages for money losses or a person’s body that hasn’t actually gone to a lawsuit. Ninety percent of injury claims will settle without a lawsuit going before a jury. A lawsuit is required when an insurance company won’t take responsibility, delays or denies payment, or makes too small of an offer that does not take into account all the clients harms and losses. Claims are made directly with the insurance company thru an adjuster without the filing of a lawsuit, and we work to negotiate good deals for our clients without lawsuit and this saves our clients time and money. In Texas, the law says that any money spent by the victim to prove their losses and damages are not reimbursed by the insurance company for the responsible party, either by way of a claim or a lawsuit. We don’t like to rush a claim into a lawsuit, because it is not always in the client’s best interests. It is important that the attorney be experienced in managing the costs associated with proving up the client’s injury claim are appropriate for the case and know when to settle or know when to fight by filing a lawsuit to maximize the client’s compensation.

How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Typically Take To Get Resolved?

Like people, every injury claim is different. Depending on a variety of factors, personal injury claims can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to a couple of years to resolve. If a case goes to trial, then it may take even longer. A lot of timing depends on the injury and the insurance company that is involved. Is the adjuster experienced, has the insurance company given the insurance adjuster the power to make decisions and pay claims fairly or does the insurance company use a pattern of delay or denial of valid injuries and insurance claims? Additionally, if the injured client has ongoing harms or there were extensive injuries and/or death involved, then it may not be helpful to the client to rush to take first offers of insurance money because the insurance company may want to see if the client is desperate to settle and make an unfairly low offer early in the case, before we get a full picture of the harm that was done. The last thing we want to do is rush the client into a settlement that doesn’t take care of the client’s needs.

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